About Us

Osella started out in 1987 with an aim to develop a relationship between the young generations with our brand. We provide a series of collection that reflects an urban yet fashionable lifestyle that customers can easily engage in. Osella assures that what the customers wear are not only comfortablebut also keeps up with the latest fashion trends. Thus, those wearing Osella can project a trend setting identity within their society.

As a renowned brand, Osella has been able to expose its name nationally making it one of top brands in the retail industry especially through its consignment stores.Currently, Osella has 12 existing showrooms and has reached more than 300 counters that operate nationwide in more than 50 cities across Indonesia Nevertheless, Osella plans to continue expanding its presence within the next upcoming years to improve its brand awareness so that its name can be brought from generation to generation.

OSELLA MEN focuses on creating an urban and casual look for men across Indonesia through its collection of T-shirts, Denim jeans, Jackets, Cardigans and Polo shirts.

OSELLA LADIES portrays a chic look for young women by offering a wide range of T-shirts, Denim jeans, Dresses Sweaters and many more with the aim to keep young women in style with the latest fashion trends

OSELLA KIDS offers a collection of fashionable and comfortable outfits for kids ranging from T-shirts, Polo shirts, Denim jeans, Cardigans and Jackets with the intention to create a fun and exciting